UCLH Phase 5

UCLH Phase 5 marks the latest phase of the hospital’s main campus regeneration, providing a specialist Ear Nose Throat and Dental facility.

2014 - 2019


Bloomsbury, London

Gross Floor Area
11 000 m²


The site on Huntley Street is set at the heart of the Bloomsbury Conservation Area adjacent to listed residential neighbours.

Traditionally, such buildings are planned with clinical spaces at the facade and waiting areas at the core. Phase 5, by contrast, inverts this organisation with waiting areas on the street facade set in a range of bay windows.

The form and detail of these bays offers a contemporary reinterpretation of the bays of the adjacent 19th century mansion blocks. Perforated brick screens to the south of each bay address considerations of heritage, environment and privacy.

The interior spaces are also protected from southern solar gain by screens of perforated brickwork. These lend the building a more solid character in views north from the Conservation Area. By contrast, the building is more transparent in views from the hospital campus looking south.

The architectural goal is to create a stimulating sensual environment that promotes well-being and health. The external shading and exploitation of thermal mass contribute to the building’s excellent environmental performance. Phase 5 is designed to achieve a BREEAM ‘Excellent’ accreditation.
The social spaces, meeting and dining areas are located at ground floor level animating the building for passers-by. The ground floor level is open plan and naturally light from both sides, aiding way-finding and permeability across the site.