Tileyard Studios

Tileyard Studios are a new force in London’s music industry, with a cluster of 400 leading businesses in performance, management, production and technology. Pilbrow & Partners have been commissioned to provide a masterplan to guide the future growth of Tileyard’s Kings Cross Estate.


City and Provincial Properties

Islington, London, UK

Gross Floor Area
11433 sqm GEA


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Much of the current accommodation has had to be created in existing buildings which are compromised in terms of their flexibility, design and performance.

The Tileyard studios building is designed to provide the flexible and environmentally sustainable workplace sought by leading companies in the creative sector.

Bright, light and tall studio floors are served from an offset side core set on the southern boundary.

As companies grow, they demand larger floor plates to facilitate communication as well as increase the quality of their working environment. Both ambitions are met by the new Tileyard Studios building.

The building adopts innovative and progressive environmental strategies to deliver a low energy healthy workplace.

A displacement ventilation system allied to exposed structure minimises the building’s energy requirements. Considerations of health and well-being inform the decision to allow a high degree of individual control over the building’s internal environment.