The Vault - The Shed of the Future

Pilbrow & Partners present a shed of logistical excellence with an innovative approach to storage, logistics and delivery.


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The design and structure of the Vault allows for an increase in process efficiency whilst significantly reducing the footprint area for high volume and high-density secure storage.

Warehouse sheds typically occupy large tracts of land to receive, store, pick, pack and dispatch goods. Storage management systems can improve tracking and tracing but the process of handling goods on arrival or before dispatching remains time-consuming and resource heavy because of the operational segregation of loading and storage areas.

At the Vault, loading and unloading is flexibly distributed below storage areas. Destination control systems direct vehicles at entry to the optimal location from which a telescopic tracking mechanism will drop or collect containers for storage. The organisation bypasses operations that require dependence on labour intensive stackers and platform trolleys. Fine inverted storage ‘trees’ are suspended from an efficient and light-filled parabolic glulam cross-vault structure clad in transparent polycarbonate sheeting and spanning a column-free loading area.

To meet varying capacity requirements and site constraints the building form is adaptable through both extension of the structure and its duplication in parallel. Its architecture publicly celebrates a new model of warehouse as an essential and beautiful component of the future economy of the city.