The Prow and West Brompton Square

The Earls Court masterplan will create a new mixed–use quarter for West London that will transform a utilitarian legacy of railway infrastructure, into a rich network of public gardens, streets and squares. The centrepiece of the masterplan is a major urban park created over the West London Line; the 1.3 hectare Lost River Park. At its southern end, where the park meets Empress Crescent, a new London Square is to be created serving as a gateway to the new district: West Brompton Village.

2013 - Present

Construction Cost
£ 80 million

Capital and Countries

Earls Court, London

Gross Floor Area
30 100 m²

Planning Consent Granted 2014

‘The Prow’ is set at the meeting point of Park, Crescent and Square. Internally, the proposals deliver bright and attractive apartments fully compliant with relevant standards. The nine storey building will accommodate 56 private residential units and a ground floor cafe.

The building design offers a contemporary interpretation of the traditional London mansion block with durable and robust masonry facades enlivened by fine–scale metalwork.

The Broadway Terrace is an apartment building set at the heart of the Earls Court Masterplan. The proposals develop an appropriate design language which draws on 19th century London mansion block precedent to articulate the street wall with gables which reflect building’s the internal planning and lend it a distinctive residential character.