The National Theatre of Cyprus

The design for the new National Theatre of Cyprus, won in open international competition in 2003, extends a language of public spaces established in KPF’s earlier design for the Cyprus House of Representatives, one block to the south. This is a project of KPF Architecture.

2005 - 2012

Construction Cost
£ 14 million

Cyprus National Theatre Organisation

Nicosia, Cyprus

Gross Floor Area
5 855 m²


The theatre is conceived as a public institution engaged with the community it serves. The design proposal integrates the theatre and a public park. The park, a setting for outdoor concerts, is a grand amphitheatre addressing the foyer.

The 150–seat New Theatre is conceived as an open–ended workshop space. Simple galleries ring the room. The stage can be set in the center, at the ends, or to one side of the room. The space can accommodate promenade performance that can extend into the private garden beyond.