The Deck and Screen, Old Street Iconic Gateway

Islington Council in partnership with the Mayor of London, Transport for London (TfL) and Hackney Council, launched the Old Street Iconic Gateway ‘Open Call for Design Ideas’, seeking innovative ideas to transform Old Street when the 1960s roundabout is removed. More than 120 submissions were received and The Deck and Screen is one of the 39 entries that have been longlisted for a public exhibition. Together with AKT II, Space Syntax, Motion Transportation and Future City, we propose a unique public space for London: stimulating, accessible and responsive to the character of this lively and informal neighbourhood. A state-of-the-art display screen forms the backdrop to an elevated piazza.


Islington Council

Old Street, London

Gross Floor Area


The Deck

We set a raised piazza at the centre of movement and propose to link all routes to access the Deck at the base of the screen. This design presents an elevated public space, raised above the noise and fumes of the surrounding traffic.

The routes converge on a generous timber deck with fixed and informal seating. A sunny vantage point above the surrounding traffic, a place to relax with a drink, see friends or just chill out.

A ground floor bar activates the eastern edge of the roundabout. The bar serves as an entrance kiosk to the viewing platform and its associated lift.

The Screen

A large display screen forms the second element of our proposals. The state of the art LED matrix -becomes an iconic and fitting focal point for Tech City.

We propose to provide public access behind the screen to a viewing terrace on its upper edge. Visitors ascend and descend in a dramatic cleft of light on two running scissors stairs set between the screens. At the top, the platform offers a unique vantage point over Old Street and Shoreditch.

Each space is fully accessible: the deck is served by ramp and stairs from the south, the terraces below and viewing platform above the screen are linked via a lift to the ground floor level.