The Archaeological Museum of Cyprus

In 2017, we proposed to relocate the Cyprus Archaeological Museum to the Hill of Agios Georgios, onto the site formerly planned for the new House of Representatives. This site has a rich and unique archaeological heritage that traces continuous occupation since the foundation of settlement in Nicosia. So extensive and varied were the discoveries made that the planned House of Representatives had to be abandoned in this location.


Cyprus Archaeological Museum

Nicosia, Cyprus

Gross Floor Area

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Relocating the archaeological museum to the site transforms its potential. It places visitors and staff in close connection with real and ongoing archaeological investigation, serving both to contextualise the artefacts displayed in the collection and to demonstrate how archaeology is a dynamic process that continuously enriches and revises our understanding of the past.

The museum is set atop the hill. Visitors approach the entrance up a gentle stair and ramp that are positioned to offer views to the archaeology below. They arrive at a lofty central space, a cool shaded foyer ringed by the galleries for the permanent and temporary displays. Between these galleries the archaeology below is visible.

A concrete folded plate roof provides a cooling shade canopy to the foyer. Rooflights cut into the south facing planes draw shafts of sunlight into the foyer spaces whilst the galleries benefit from controlled north light.