Southernwood - Old Kent Road

Pilbrow & Partners are commissioned by DTZ Investors to explore opportunities for The Southernwood site, which is positioned at the heart of the Old Kent Road Opportunity Area.


DTZ on behalf of the Strathclyde Pension Fund


Gross Floor Area


Our mixed-use proposals explore opportunities for significant growth and sustainable local regeneration of the site, contributing to the objectives which are currently being set out by London Borough of Southwark and the GLA in an Old Kent Road Area Action Plan.

Our proposals identify a mix of uses in well-defined urban blocks, while underpinning a robust and clear sequence of public routes and spaces.

The 1.04 Ha. site, located to the north of Burgess Park on Old Kent Road, is currently a retail park consisting of four warehouse units and surface parking space.

The planned Bakerloo line extension to Lewisham will provide a major catalyst for improved connectivity within the opportunity area.

As The Southernwood site is set adjacent to one of TFL’s proposed sites for a new Underground Station, the new development will enjoy the highest level of accessibility and becomes an important gateway between the new station and this growing new neighbourhood.

The masterplan has been shaped following a series of discussions with LB Southwark on land use, housing delivery, employment, transport and utilities and heritage.