Medina House

Our brief was to design an environmentally sustainable home for our client and their family, located on the Hove seafront. The site, a derelict locally listed Victorian bathhouse, is tightly enclosed by properties on three sides, with open sea views to the south.

2016 - Present


Hove, UK

Gross Floor Area
742 m²


The key element of historical significance, the surviving decorative faience of the original swimming pool enclosure, is retained in-situ and restored as a backdrop to a new walled courtyard garden that echoes the dimensions of the original pool. The open-plan ground floor living area opens on to the courtyard to create a single private family space in the summer.

A vaulted concrete structure at ground floor draws its rhythm from the arches of the original bathhouse, but is equally a response to the requirements of the client’s brief and a system of internal organisation, serving both to span and sub-divide the large open-plan living area.