Alpha Square

Alpha Square’s mixed–use programme delivers a new paradigm for high density living in London. In two tall buildings, the scheme offers a range of housing tenures, a five star hotel, a new primary school and a community health centre.

2014 - Present

Construction Cost
£ 210 million

Far East Consortium

Isle of Dogs, London

Gross Floor Area
70 000 m²

Planning Consent Granted

London’s recent residential tall buildings are typically monofunctional, which is countered by the approach adopted at Alpha Square, which reflects an unusual alignment of view between developer and planning authority.

Our clients, FECW, have experience of delivering mixed use schemes in Asia and Australasia, believing mixed–use underpins quality of place and offers tenants access to an attractive variety of facilities on site. The scheme creates a new public space with school, health centre, hotel and historic North Pole Pub animating the civic space.

The new primary school has a secure landscaped playspace set above the school hall (a space that will accommodate community functions out of hours). Classrooms on the floors above enjoy direct connections to the main playspace through a series of cascading gardens.