66 Chiltern St

Fred Pilbrow and Tal Ben-Amar led the team at PLP Architecture developing proposals for 66 Chiltern Street. The scheme remodels and extends a 1960s office tower to provide a new 15-storey apartment building near Marylebone High Street in Westminster. This is a project of PLP Architecture.

2010 - Present

Ronson Capital Partners

Westminster, London

Gross Floor Area
12 000 m²

Under Construction

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The conversion transforms the external appearance of the building and creates exemplary internal living spaces. Although the 12 storey office was large in relation to its immediate context, its adverse impact arose from the poor quality of its design, material and proportion.

New handset terracotta elevations reinforce the building’s overall balance and deliver a design that is sympathetic to its setting. The elevations are enlivened with filigree glazed bay windows that reflect the residential character and internal planning.

The proposal also complements the recent improvements to the quality of Chiltern Street; reconfiguring the public realm to create a small public square to the north west of the building, animated by a new ground floor restaurant.