56 Curzon Street

Fred Pilbrow and Keb Garavito led the team at PLP Architecture designing a residential apartment building and restaurant at 56 Curzon Street in Mayfair for Brockton Capital with development advice from Grantham. The commission followed an earlier study of the site for Brockton undertaken by Robert A M Stern architects. This is a project of PLP Architecture.


Construction Cost
£ 30 million

Brockton Capital

Westminster, London

Gross Floor Area
6,950 m²

Planning Consent Granted 2013

Fred’s approach restored the historic building line on Curzon Street, emphasizing its particular character as a meandering route through the Mayfair Grid– following the line of the River Tyburn below.

The resultant gently curved elevation creates a dramatic frame to the residential entrance at the centre of the Curzon Street frontage. The corner return to Bolton street is drawn forward to be visible in approaches from Berkeley Square.