31 Jewry Street

We were invited to submit for competition proposals to the Sir John Cass Foundation for their main building at 31 Jewry Street in the City of London. The competition sought innovative ideas to determine future development potential of the grade II listed partially set over London’s Roman Wall.


Construction Cost
£ 34 million

City Designer

Aldgate, London

Gross Floor Area
11 200 m²

Competition Submission

Our competition submission explored the implications of the existing D1 planning use in the context of the City’s planning policy framework and considered the potential to add additional mass, height and bulk to the existing building having careful regard to strategically protected views (of the London View Management Framework), to the City’s St Paul’s Heights and important local views.

The ability to undertake modest demolition were considered alongside to restore the original plan arrangement of the 1898 building, lost by later extension and alteration. Our strategy for re occupation considered a variety of potential new land uses including residential, hotel and office use, each embracing the opportunity to maintain public access to the buildings fine interiors.