21 Davies Street

Located in the heart of the Mayfair Conservation Area, 15–25 Davies Street reinvents the traditional mansion block, a staple of the London housing market since late Victorian times to create a development which contributes positively to the area with generous and carefully detailed public and private spaces. This is a project of KPF Architecture.

2002 - 2005

Capital and City

Westminster, London

Gross Floor Area


The form of the building reflects its mix of uses: retail and restaurant at street level, and offices, apartments and rooftop penthouses above, while the layered elevations draw on the rich building traditions of this part of Mayfair.

The cast steel and glass bays are contrasted against monolithic terracotta which forms the backdrop to the facade. The use of a light screen of balustrading and sun shading applied to the bays adds a further element of complexity.

The apartments are bright and spacious. Arranged around a central vaulted lobby, the living spaces face west to the lushly planted interior of the block. A series of slender bay windows light the bedrooms to the east, offering long views south to Berkeley Square.