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Sketching, modelling and harnessing new data and analytical tools for architecture.

We established Pilbrow & Partners with the ambition to develop a design approach that fully integrates the latest available resources in technology, modelling and data. Design innovation and insight is central to our work and we harness a wide spectrum of evaluation tools to assist in research, appraisal and optimisation.

We believe in the power of in-sourcing: developing our own tools and systems gives us an in-depth understanding of the implications of alternative design approaches. We can work faster, with greater accuracy and we can deliver better results for our clients. The opportunity for architects to harness the power of new analytical and data resources is enormous and we believe the practices that do so will thrive.

Our working methodology has changed our engagement all three stages of work: allowing us to interrogate and contribute to the brief, to better understand the opportunities and constraints of the site and to evaluate and analyse the merits of alternative design approaches.

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