When in Milan

20 04 2018

Invited by Panasonic, celebrating their 100-year anniversary at Salone in Milan, Gorana Shepherd joined a discussion on how technology is changing our cities and the way we work, live and communicate.

The growing sophistication of social media and technological advances are creating new ways for us to communicate and structure our lives, blurring the boundaries between work and home, our public and private lives. We can already see this in the rise of co-working, co-living, and mixed-use spaces, and the infinite number of ways we can now communicate with our community, and the wider world. What are the main factors driving change in our communities - and our position within them - today? How will our communities be built, structured and defined in the future?

A huge thank you for a most interesting discussion to James Temperton, digital editor at Wired UK, who led the session, as well as the fellow panellists Rebecca Ruggles, lead interior designer at Airbnb and Miki Mekumi, design strategist at Panasonic.