LFA Bake Off 2020: Runners Up!

17 06 2020

In light of unusual circumstances, this years’ Bake Off competition went digital. Entrants were given a week to bake and construct one of five buildings. P&P’s Kelsey and Flora worked throughout the competition week to bake and construct the Palace of Westminster.

Our entry consisted of the full palace (with scaffolding), and a detail of Elizabeth Tower (without scaffolding!).

Kelsey said, "It was fun to get creative in a different medium, especially one that tasted so good. I've never realised the scale and complexity of the Palace of Westminster, next time I take on such a big bake I'll make sure I'm able to actually see people to give it away!"

Flora said, “Baking Big Ben wasn’t as hard as I first thought, however, I underestimated the time taken to plan and organise the process!”

More info about the competition can be found here