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Medina House


Hove, UK



Gross Floor Area m²




An environmentally sustainable home for our client and their family on the site of a Victorian women’s bathhouse on the Hove waterfront.

The surviving decorative faïence of the original swimming pool enclosure is restored in place as a backdrop to a new walled courtyard garden.

A vaulted concrete structure over the raised ground floor draws its rhythm from the arches of the original bathhouse while serving to span and lightly frame the various areas within the primary living and working rooms. Inside and outside, stepped and half levels are introduced beneath these vaults to create areas of openness and intimacy, of warmth and gathering, of green and light.

More private rooms are planned at first and second floors looking over the courtyard garden and out to sea.

A white roman brick, stratified and corbelled, enrobes the building with echoes of the eroding chalk cliffs visible along the coast.
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