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Heron Tower


London, UK


Heron International

Gross Floor Area m²




The building synthesises urban concerns with innovative technology and environmental design. This is a project of KPF, for whom Fred Pilbrow was a Design Partner.

Set within the northeast cluster of a prominent site at the junction between Bishopsgate and Camomile Street, the building provides the highly flexible workspace demanded by the current commuter workforce. Responding to both the technical and social demands of the modern office, the building is organised around a series of office villages, each centred around a triple-height atrium core.

The building’s general arrangement is a direct response to an environmental strategy based on conservation and efficiency. Placing the core on the southern side of the site not only permits larger, uninterrupted floor surfaces but creates an environmental buffer zone for the workspace, shielding building users from direct solar gain. This perimeter buffer (“the core”) contains all of the building’s necessary mechanical services. It is naturally ventilated and shielded from direct sunlight through a layering system in the façade. This system reduces the total solar irradiance falling on the building’s facades by 25%, when compared to the centre core building. The south wall accommodates photovoltaics across its lift faces. An array of finely scaled photovoltaic cells allows one to view the spectacular streetscape surrounding Heron Tower while controlling the admission of heat to the interior of the core.

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