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Farringdon Crossrail


London, UK



Gross Floor Area m²



Whilst a Partner at KPF and PLP Architecture, Fred Pilbrow was the Design Partner for the Bond Street West OSD on behalf of Grosvenor.

The work at Bond Street West led to a second commission from Crossrail for the over-station development at Farringdon East whilst Fred was a Partner at PLP Architecture.

The calm overall form of the office building is enlivened by fine-scaled elevations inspired by the 19th century warehouses that frame the historic Smithfield Market.

The primary objectives for the development include: the delivery of a commercially robust model that will offer attractive revenue to a potential developer and allow maximum returns for Crossrail; a well organised, vibrant and well-lit space that is attractive to potential tenants; a proposal appropriate to the sensitive site context with appropriate massing and a design that is acceptable to the City of London Planners, CABE, GLA and all other third parties and stakeholders.

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