UCLH Phase 5

The London Borough of Camden Planning Department suggested Pilbrow & Partners’ involvement in the design of University College London Hospital Phase 5.

2014 - Present


Bloomsbury, London

Gross Floor Area
11 000 m²

Under Construction

The site is sensitive. located in the heart of the Bloomsbury Conservation Area and Camden suggested that Fred Pilbrow, who had collaborated with HOK on the design of the Francis Crick Institute, could play a similar role with SBA on Phase 5.

Traditionally, such buildings are planned with clinical spaces at the facade and waiting areas at the core. Phase 5, by contrast, inverts this organisation with waiting areas on the street facade set in a range of bay windows.

The form and detail of these bays offers a contemporary reinterpretation of the bays of the adjacent 19th century mansion blocks. Perforated brick screens to the south of each bay address considerations of heritage, environment and privacy.